Monday, April 6, 2009

+...OuCHi-01 HoUsE...+

Program ”Two family home (parents and their child)”
Project completion date April 2008
Plan and design Jun Ishikawa architect and Kiyo Tsuru
Construction KURASHI construction

OUCHI-01 House located in Fuchu, Tokyo. The triangular roof and the inclined wall, transforming into the main entrance of the house. Two different ideas, a traditional one coexists successfully with a modern version of a “gap” used as an entrance. The building has small windows so that the owners may enjoy privacy.

The building is quite small (45m2) and each space has been divided by glass in order to make the space even bigger by providing continuity between the different rooms. However the architects used glass in different places of the house and also on the top in order to let the light enter and reflect on the walls.The whole concept is minimal and functional despite the small size making the whole place a pleasant home for its owners.

Thanks 2 Yatzer

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