Thursday, June 26, 2008

+...GrAnDe RoOm...+

Look at this outrageous one bedroom (yes one bedroom!) London apartment.

Well-to-do young men of the 18th and 19th century travelled Europe improving their classical education and bringing home a few well chosen (dare I say pilfered) souvenirs. Think Elgin Marbles. What I'd really like to know is if this is the owner's collection or if they inherited it from their Europe trotting ancestor?

My goodness I hope they have a cleaning lady! Although I could not live like this I secretly envy them this amazing collection and the passion needed to live with it. 

    Thanks 2 Desire to Inspire 

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+...FaVe OuTfiT...+

 Derek Lam's resort collection mixes 1950's shapes with 1960's prints,plus a touch of secretary and safari. 

Thanks 2 A Cup of Jo

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+...FuSe ID...+

fuse ID, founded by Kishani Perera, is a Los Angeles-based interior design firm who has worked with all sorts of celebrities (Molly Sims and Kate Bosworth to name a couple).
Her style is young and hip, and she blends sophisticated with casual perfectly. 
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Monday, June 16, 2008

+...ReTro CeRaMiC...+

Stout porcelain tile ready to use!
Built in recess for easy hanging if that's what you want to do with it.
Little felt pads for use as a trivet, or whatever you'd need it laying flat for.

Cone 5 porcelain, this one is decorated with underglaze in flaxen, so the circles are very faint.
The moka pot decal was made using our Print Gocco & black overglaze, and fired on.

Thanks 2 Etsy
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+...KoZai LaMp...+

Soft ambient Japanese lights from Kozai Designs in Vancouver on West 6th Avenue.
Designer Toshiyuki Tani has developed a very contemporary line of gorgeous lights utilizing traditional Japanese woodcraft techniques.

Thanks 2 Terramia

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+...CoOL OtToMaNs...+

I luv these Jenna Rose ottomans, created by talented Canadian designer Jenna Greenberg

Thanks 2 Terramia
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+...iitTaLa TaiKa...+

The Taika dinner plate is an infinitely versatile piece, ideal for any entrée you may be serving.
The white or blue backdrop blends perfectly with other iittala collections, making this piece
perfect for adding a splash of excitement to your place setting. Or, mix and match with other Taika pieces for a striking and awe-inspiring place setting.

Fanciful characters and exceptional natural elements make up the basis of design for Taika.
The energetic design features a stream of mythical creatures as well as fascinating and
meticulous detail. A gamut of deep reds and blues creates a grand and majestic look.

Thanks 2 Finn Style

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+...My DrEaM BaG...+

Ravenna Bag
Utterly a la moda, handmade from tumbled leather for sophisticated slouchiness,
strategically detailed with generous stitching and zippered pockets.
Cotton twill lining. Removable shoulder strap included.

Thanks 2 Simple Lovely
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+...VoGuE'S GoRgEuS ShOtS...+

+...My FavE ShOt...+
Carrie's dresses are amazing (oh, that green gown!)

Look at these incredible shots of Carrie and Big from Vogue's June issue, which envisioned
what it would be like for the couple to honeymoon in Manhattan.

Thanks 2 A Cup of Jo
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+...BeAuTiFuL CaBiNeT...+

Traditional Chinese elements are featured on this colored antique looking finish.
Wood cabinet has doors that open for storage.
Exotic and functional display would look fabulous under a television or added
to a dining room that needs a pop.
Painted finish will vary from piece to piece.
Size: 43" wide x 15" deep x 39" high

Thanks 2 Tonic Home

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Friday, June 13, 2008

+...My FaVe BaThRoOm...+

I will often come on to a project and be amazed by the number of decisions that people take for granted. Bedrooms have to be carpeted, bathrooms have to be stone or tile, but this is not always the case. Take the Bathroom above for example, I used a distressed walnut wood on the floor. What could be more luxurious to walk on in the morning? Obviously the first question, is "how do you keep it from getting destroyed?". Well, you do have to be a bit ingenious, in this room, I used marine varnish on the floor, to protect the wood, and then in an especially tough area, just outside the shower, I used a stone slab.

The point of this post is to have you think twice about decisions you make around the house,
that you may take for granted, but needn't be that way. Here are some other thoughts, that may help you look at your hose decisions in a fresh way:

Try using real candles in a sconce or chandelier, the quality of light can be much warmer than
what you can ever get from a bulb.

Use masses of candles in your fireplace, rather than a roaring fire, it will cut down on smoke and make a romantic alternative.

Use annuals in pots inside the house, instead of cut flowers, they will last longer, and are equally as pretty.

Use old bath towels to recover your favorite bathroom chair, it will be as comfy as your robe

When you redo your kitchen, use a wood top on the island, it is softer than stone or tile, and can be a nice old world element in any Kitchen.

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+...ZiEgFeLd FoLLiEs GiRLs...+

I love Ziegfeld Follies girls from the inspiring book called
"Jazz Age Beauties: The Lost Collection of Ziegfeld"
beautifully photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Dolores Costello

Peggy Shannon

Helen Ware

Thanks 2 Libemarlene vintage
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+...LuV iT...LuV iT...!!!...+

I Really like window seats, there is almost nothing better on a chilly day than to curl up with a
good book, and sit in the morning light. This is why in a lot of my Children's Rooms you will see
me putting these in. I think it's a great habit to get the kids in and its also a great tool to use to expand into a desk/bookcase/ storage unit without overwhelming the room.

A few tips:
Include storage under the seat, it will make it a bit higher to sit on than normal, bit its the
perfect spot for a blanket or two.

Be generous with the pillows, that will give you maximum flexibility. Also if possible go with
100% down pillows as they will be a lot softer and easier to mold to the shape you need.

Make sure you have good lighting. Remember you are in the corner of the room, a ceiling fixture in the middle of the ceiling, may not get you the light you need. I added downlights over the top of this one to give great task lighting.

Try to incorporate a small bookcase as part of the experience, it will be the ideal spot for those favorite books.

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+...LoVeLy DiNiNg ArEaS...+

There is something very special about the family meal. It's such a great opportunity to sit and discuss your day etc. So it's very important that you create a space that really encourages that, and I think that smaller spaces do that better than larger ones.
This is a room that I did that was directly off the Kitchen, and i think its a great example of how a space can really be stylish but work very practically as well.
Here are some tips:
Using a banquette gives you a lot of seating flexibility.
A large table no more than 60" across will allow lots of people, but still enable lots of conversation, from side to side.
Simple color scheme is good, since there will be a lot of visual chaos.
Good lighting is essentila, a blend of surface mounted fixtures and downlights is ideal.
This might be a good area for the Family notice board too.

Thanks 2 Mark Cutler Design
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+...ViNtAgE BaG...+

Luv that vintage bag...!!!

Thanks 2 Liebemarlene vintage
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+...Do iT YoUrSeLf PaPeRdReSsEs...+

Thanks 2 De Geuzen D.I.Y
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+...My DrEaM KiTcHeN...+

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

+...My FaVe PaPeRcUt ArTiSt...+

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…in west bengal india.

Thanks 2 Indie-guest
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“laptop interface for privacy, warmth, and concentration in public spaces”.

Thanks 2 Indie-guest
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