Tuesday, March 31, 2009

+...My InSpiRaTiOn...+

"Wonderland tribute to Aya Kato"
Magazine Ae
Photographer Paco Peregrín
Art Direction, digital art and Styling Kattaca
Make up artist Yurema Villa
Hairdresser Natalia Mendez

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+...DiY DrEsSeS...+

The first one being dress with a black and white design, which can be hand-coloured.
Berber Soepboer approached Michiel Schuurman in August 2008 to design the textile for a series of dresses. The COLOURING dresses were shown on the 7th of September in Bergeick in 'De Ploeg', a very famous textile factory. Although Michiel spent a lot of time to design over a 100 patterns and Berber worked around the clock to get the sewing and the hundreds of buttons done, the result proves the chemistry between them.

About Berber Soepboer
She especially designs clothing which can be worn in different ways, so the wearer can make choices in how to wear the cloth. According to her words “Life exists of many choices based on expectations, desire and the available time. When everything is still possible the world seems an incredible place”.She translates these endless possibilities in her design.

He studied graphic design and typography for two years on the Koninklijke Academie voor de Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag and graduated as graphic designer in 2002 on the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. His work is almost always about altering typography to the point where it fully replaces image. The sometimes psychedelic designs are strongly based on classic typographic laws and the pure contrast between black and white.

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+...I HeArT...+

these beautiful illustrations by Sabine Pieper
born in 1980
lives and works as a photographer and freelance illustrator in Berlin, Germany.

Image courtesy of Sabine Pieper
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+...Be HaPpY...+

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be”
Marcel Pagnol
(French Writer, Producer and Film Director, 1895-1974)

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+...Ed BeAuTy...+

"Ed Beauty"
Model Alana Zimmer
Photo Greg Lotus

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+...SaKuRa StOrY...+

Curiosity will illuminate a row of sakura (cherry) trees at night for the Tokyo Midtown spring event, "Midtown Blossom 2009"

"Sakura Story" will present the beauty of sakura from when the blossoms appear until they fall. As the illumination shifts from the real blossoms on the trees to the optical fiber petals on the ground, it will express an appreciation for each scene of the sakura season

Dates 20 March(Fri)−5 April(Sun)
Illumination hours 17:00−23:30

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+...SoLvE SuNdSbO...+

Magazine Vogue China
Edition April 2009
Photographer Solve Sundsbo
Model Magdalena Frackowiak

More amazingly beautiful works from Solve Sundsbo, click here, here & here.

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Architects Jo Nagasaka + Schemata Architecture Office
Structure RC Wall type structure
Site Area 48,84 sqm
Constructed Area 71,40 sqm
Photographer Takumi Oota

63.02º, built in a densely residential area in Nakano, Tokyo.
It's a small building of a SOHO and an apartment for rent. The front road is really narrow, but the next apartment has a big open space between the road and the building. In order to this situation, the facade of 63.02° is inclined 63.02 degrees toward the front road, so that a wide and deep view is acquired. From the large windows that are opened on the inclined facade, you can see neighbor’s cherry tree and the cityscape.

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+...I ADoRe...+

"Daydreamer "
Magazine Vogue Australia
Edition April 2007
Photographed by Richard Bailey
Model Katie Braatdedt

More stunning shoot from Richard Bailey, click here

Image courtesy of Richard Bailey
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+...EmiLy FoRgOt...+

Wishing cards for the Port Eliot literary festival
The House of Fairy tales 2007
by Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot is the appropriately curious moniker of London based Graphic artist Emily Alston. Having been working in the creative industry since graduating from Liverpool school of Art & Design in 2004 she has amassed a diverse range of international clients, from cultural institutions (The Princes Trust, The Arts council), Advertising (Fallon, MC Saatchi) & Editorial (The Guardian, GQ + Dazed and confused). Along side commercial endeavors Emily produces personal work in the form of limited edition prints and ceramics. Her work has been exhibited both in London and abroad most notably in 2007 at the “Fragiles” show as part of the prestigious Miami Art Basel.

Embracing the odd, the everyday & the sometimes surreal Emily forgot’s playful visual language and image making continues to innovate, evolve and surprise. With each new brief comes new ideas and fresh inspiration resulting in each client having a tailor made solution. Turning her hand to anything from illustration, retail display, print design and visual identity she prides herself on approaching all briefs with creative thought, originality, humour and beauty in mind,
whether the work be a commissioned piece or a flight of her own fancy.

Her enthusiasm, curiosity and eye for detail have stood her in good stead so far gaining recognition in publications such as the Creative Review, Vogue, ID, and Grafik magazine as one to watch.

Image courtesy of Emily Forgot
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+...RiChArD WaRrEn...+

Richard Warren, an internationally published fashion photographer based in Manhattan’s Fashion District. He was born in Houston Texas. His father was a newspaperman. At the age of fifteen Richard moved to the Pacific Northwest where after High School worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and also earned a degree in Graphic arts from Western Washington University. By the time he was twenty-one he had moved to New York and began assisting great photographers: Bill King, Helmut Newton, Denis Piel, Robert Mapplethorpe.
Warren was twenty-six when he had his first break while living in Milan; a 30 page Couture editorial in Italian Bazaar photographing Valentino, and other top name couture designers.

Work continued in Milan and Paris then onto Sydney Australia for Australian Vogue, Follow-Me, Dolly and Australian Harpers Bazaar. In 1990 Warren returned to New York and started a profitable career in fashion photography.The Fall of 2001 was a set back not only for New Yorkers but for the rest of the world.

During this period of reduced commercial work Warren immersed himself in the digital world and the result is a state-of-the art, 22-mega pixel digital studio in Manhattan’s Garment district. While still shooting traditional film on location, Warren has up-to-the minute knowledge of digital workflow from capture to post production with everything being available to clients ‘in-house’.
Richard Warren currently lives in New York with his wife, two children, a 150-foot English border, which he maintains, and an old Martin 12-string guitar, on which he plays Robert Johnson style classic Delta Blues.

Image courtesy of Richard Warren
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Monday, March 30, 2009

+...SLoW WhiTe...+

Slow White series by Bo Reudler Studio
on view during Salone del Mobile Milan
Tuttobene , Via Savona 6, 22- 27 April 2009

Bo Reudler Studio is a product and interior design studio, led by designer Bo Reudler.
Based in The Netherlands. Bo graduated from the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design and is also co-founder of Asylum Collection.

Studio philosophy:
"We are storytellers through matter. We love materials: following their hidden qualities to bring out their natural beauty, experimenting to discover things we could have never thought of. We love the immaterial: charging things with imagination and meaning."

For Slow White collection, Bo Reudler left his computer behind and ventured into the woods. He gathered fallen wood to transform into furniture. He started building again with his own hands, knowing everything that went into the process, working consciously, smelling the wood, feeling the structure, composing.

The branches were carefully selected for their distinguishing imperfections and curves. Following these shapes led him to the designs: the individual branches were numbered and the pieces are composed using the most beautiful combination of branches. These forms give personality to each piece which will always be different due to the randomness of each branch. All products are hand made.

Image courtesy of Bo Reudler Studio
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+...My InSpiRaTiOn...+

"Frida Come Back To Me"
Magazine Dujour Magazine
Issue March/April 2009
Photographer Denise Boomkens
Model Sylvia Reyn

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