Thursday, April 23, 2009

+...PeNTiMeNtO HoUsE...+

Architects Jose María Sáez and David Barragán
Client Desireé Marín
Location La Morita, Tumbaco, Quito-Ecuador
Material Aspect concrete, wood, glass
Status Complete 2006
Photographers Raed Gindeya, Jose María Sáez

An architecture to be naked to connect with their surroundings. Built with a single piece of prefabricated concrete, which can be placed in four different ways (assembly) which solves structure, wall, furniture, ladders, even a garden facade that is the origin of the project. Outside is a neutral grid that is camouflaged like a fence or hedge. Inside, each wall is different and it fits its scale needs, function, position, etc.

A concrete platform serves as its foundation and adapts to the topography bypassing the trees or incorporating them. On the platform rises the prefabricated system. The pieces are inserted into steel rods anchored with epoxy glue to the platform. These rods and elements of work between pieces generate a tight structure of small columns and lintels especially well suited to the seismicity of the area.

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