Friday, April 10, 2009

+...DeSiRe To InSPiRe ReAdiNg LiSt...+

I swear I was writing a WINKS today. I had sorted through the emails. I had decided what images to use. I had even decided who was going to be the first WINK. That was the problem. The first WINK was going to be a wonderful new blog. The second WINK was yet another great new blog. Then I realised I'd been to a lot of new (to me) blogs recently. Light bulb moment! Time for the next installment in our growing tradition of reading guides. And it's not even a long weekend ... well maybe it is somewhere in the world. Make yourself a coffee, pour yourself a wine. Settle in and explore. I promise WINKS next weekend ;)

Thank you very much Desire to Inspire...., I'm really flattered.....!!!
You are my lightbulb......!!!

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