Friday, October 31, 2008


I heart these beautiful drawings by Art&Ghost

Image courtesy of Art&Ghost
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+...SLePpiNg BeAuTy...+

Sorry guys......
I've been very busy this week, i just want to lay back and get some sleep this weekend.

Image courtesy of Marcio Simnch
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+...HaVe a NiCe WeEkEnD...+

Thanks 2 Yuki
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

+...SwiMs CoLLeCtiOn...+

Here comes the latest SWIMS collection just for the avant-garde ladies of the universe!
The design is simple and beautiful in line with company's Scandanavian heritage. In addition, the design incorporates lots of great details both for practical and aesthetic reasons.

These include:
- Extra traction for slippery surfaces
- The sole of each CitySlipper has the map of either New York, Paris or Tokyo (see the first image)
- Pull on/off grip and the soft siliconpad on the sides makes it very convenient.
- Flexible design to fit almost any heel height and thickness due to flexible material and construction
- Protection for the delicate leather/suede sole of your shoe and the tip of the shoe against the elements.
- Low-Cut style is for shoes with bows and buckles

The SWIMS Story by Johan R.
Growing up with four distinct seasons in Norway, I never let go of the black rubber galoshes that my late grandfather passed on to me.

In 1999 they accompanied me to a milder, but still rainy Paris. Wearing Chuck Taylor’s Converse and galoshes, I got around the severe rainfall that autumn. Not surprisingly, my footwear became the subject of many jokes around the art school I attended. Later, while living in New York, I blended in with an image-conscius culture that defied slushy streets, freezing winds and pouring rain.

Naturally, this resulted in a lot of discomfort and many ruined pairs of shoes. A few more Manhattan winters went by while I searched for the right product before I finally took matters in my own hands and decided to develop SWIMS - The Modern Galosh!

A stylish solution, embodying the essence of practicality: Wear your favorite shoes, slip on SWIMS when the weather is rough, slip’em off when you arrive at your destination. Enhanced comfort is assured and your shoes are guaranteed to stay shiny. The SWIMS galosh is the product of my own experience, my appreciation of functional design, and my odd fascination with big city rain. Enjoy the weather!

Thanks 2 yatzer
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

+...RiKkE JØrGeNsEn...+

Christmas Card for Traffic Management NYC Dec. 07

Morgans Hotel Group NYC, Royalton re-designed & re-opened oct. 07

Costume Mag June 07

Szhirley CD Cover April 08

Costume Mag June 07

Made for Coolgirl365

Sirene Mag April 07

Made for Coolgirl365

Awesome illustration by RIKKE JØRGENSEN
She is a Copenhagen based illustrator

Image courtesy of Rikke Jorgensen
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+...HoSpEs PaLaCiO DeL BAiLiO...+







Image courtesy of

Hospes Palacio del Bailio is composed of several buildings arranged around a total of five patios. The main patio is also the most spectacular as the traditional paving has been replaced with a glass floor, revealing a dramatic perspective on the Roman ruins buried four and a half metres below.

Original detailing such as wrought-iron balcony railings, terracotta tiles, Moorish decorative elements and a lavishly painted ceiling have been artfully combined with understated modern touches at the Hospes Palacio del Bailio in Cordoba.

Rich fabrics and textures in champagne and copper tones are offset by dark walnut wood and light polished marble floors throughout the interiors – solid slabs of black stone from Cordoba lead to the gardens outside, thus creating a stylistic bridge from the interior to the exterior.

Restoring paintings and frescos from the 19th century is a further example of the care and attention given to the revitalisation of past beauty at the Hospes Palacio del Bailío. The clean pure lines, the sense of history and luxury all reflect the peace and quiet you will enjoy at this Andalusian getaway.

Ramírez de las Casas Deza, 10-12
14010 Córdoba

Thanks 2 Design Hotel
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+...MuGe YoRuLmAz...+

Beautiful fashion pics from EVE magazine (May 2008)
by Muge Yorulmaz

Image courtesy of Muge Yorulmaz
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+...mY yOuR...+

Outdoor Furniture by MyYour
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Monday, October 27, 2008

+...NaNi DaD...+

Josh McKible
, Japan-based illustrator and creator of the Nani Birds has released his latest 3D paper card Nani Birds. A hands on DIY project for you to create and enjoy at home.

Nani Dad, head of the Nani Bird family, comes wearing a blue, Japanese patterned jinbe, wooden geta and traditional Japanese hair style, chonmage. Nani Dad's speech bubble asks, Doshite? Why?
Nani Dad comes with 3 Nani Peeps, baby birds, to fold, construct and play with.

The Nani Dad set is made up of four A4 cards.
One has the Nani Dad and his accessories, the second sheet has the 3 Nani Peeps and the last two cards are the instructions on how to make the Nani Bird family.

Thanks 2 Tokyo Made
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+...MaRiE-GaLaNte MaKe Up TrUnK...+

Paying homage to the old-style travel trunks that were once a staple of the cruising set is this Marie-Galante Make Up Trunk.
Folded up and it looks like a vintage case, fold it out and you have a mirror, surface space and an endless number of drawers and other storage areas.

Thanks 2 Retro To Go
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+...H&M MiLaNo bY LoViSa BuRfiTt...+

Lovisa Burfitt is a Swedish illustrator based in Paris.

Image courtesy of
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

+...CoMmEdiA DeLL'ArTe – CoUTuRe EdiTiOn...+

Naoki Takizawa's design

Elie Saab's design

Viktor & Rolf's design

Igor Chapurin's design

Gareth Pugh's design

Christian Lacroix's design

Pascal Millet's design

To celebrate its 260th anniversary, PORZELLAN MANUFAKTUR NYMPHENBURG, under the direction of Dr. Jörg Richtsfeld, is launching a limited edition of the world-famous
COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE figures produced by the rococo sculptor, Franz Anton Bustelli, in 1759/60.

Sixteen internationally acclaimed fashion designers were invited to create "new clothes" as a new décor for their favourite figure in the COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE group.

This COUTURE EDITION is the first time a broad cooperation has been realised between the master porcelain workshops and leading figures in the world of fashion and that their skills have been bundled into a single project.

The creations by the designers from Paris, London, Amsterdam, Beirut, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Munich with their different cultural and creative approaches simultaneously reflect the rich variety that exists on the global fashion scene. The following fashion designers participated in the COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE – COUTURE EDITION.

Image courtesy of

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