Sunday, April 12, 2009

+...JoNaThAn WiLkiNsOn...+

Sheffield Icons - The Egg Box (Town Hall Extension)
Resembling a sort of biosphere or space station, the Sheffield Town Hall extension was certainly a futuristic building on a number of levels. Its molded window detail that wrapped around the entire building was stylistically at odds to the Victorian Town Hall it adjoined.

The interior space that these pods created can be seen in the 80s shock drama Threads, where notification of nuclear war is received in one of the offices overlooking the Peace Gardens. I imagine that had the film's predictions been played out, that this may have been the only building in Sheffield left standing.

The Billy Liar House
this scene features a rather well pruned piece of suburbia in the form of the house from the 1963 John Schlesinger classic Billy Liar. Overlooking Shipley and a post industrial landscape in Baildon on the outskirts of Bradford, ‘Hill Crest’ as it is named in the film sits atop a hill and is an inseparable backdrop for many of the films key scenes.

Image courtesy of WeLiveHere by Jonathan Wilkinson

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