Tuesday, April 14, 2009

+...MiDLaNd HoTeL...+

Back in the 30s, the Midland was a wonder of the modern age. The first Art Deco hotel on these shores designed in the style of the finest continental hotels. Celebrated by celebrities worldwide, millionaires and socialites flocked there. (Including Coco Chanel, Mrs Simpson, Noel Coward, or so the story goes).

If its heyday was swift, its decline was long and slow. For years, a work of art lay in ruins. Then, January 2003, and Urban Splash enter the story aiming to restore the Midland to its former magnificence. Five years on and they’ve done it. The Midland has been brought back to life, and, at last, a new chapter begins…

Thanks 2 Midland Hotel

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