Tuesday, September 22, 2009

+...ViLLa DRuScH...+

Villa Drusch built in Versailles in 1963.
Designed by French architect Claude Parent, whose work lies equally in written theory and physical structures. It's a home which embodies his “theory of oblique architecture.”

Constructed primarily of concrete, Villa Drusch appears to be a home turned on its side, a bold architectural move which still evokes interest today. Living spaces are encased in aluminum-framed glass, which naturally lights the open interior. A staircase inside follows the slope of the exterior structure, leading to a second level where the ceiling, contrary to the rectilinear exterior, curves dramatically inward. Most surfaces inside are also cast from concrete.

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+...MoMmY CLoSe Up...+

"Mommy Close-up"
Magazine Vogue Italy
Issue September 2009
Model Daisy Lowe
Photographer Miles Aldridge

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+...WoRdS FaiL Me...+

Words Fail Me painted on the book by Mike Stilkey.
His unorthodox artwork is created using a mix of ink, colored pencil, paint and lacquer, and features a melancholic, whimsical cast of characters.

Words Fail Me, will run at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver through October 10th, with the opening reception on Friday, September 18th, from 7pm-10pm.

David B. Smith Gallery
1543 A Wazee Street Denver, CO 80202

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+...VeLveT iTaLy OcToBeR '09...+

Magazine Velvet Italy
Issue October 2009
Models Dioni Tabbers, Margaryta Senchylo and Ragnhild Jevne
Photographer Azim Haidaryan

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+...LoVe iT...+

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+...MaRy KaTRaNTzOu SpRiNg 2010...+

The shift from mechanical screen printing to computer manipulations of color and pattern has meant designers like Katrantzou can achieve hitherto impossibly complex feats of imagination, and she's moving as fast as pixels and ink jets can be pushed to decorate a beautiful silk dress.

For Spring, she'd gotten sucked into the visual possibilities of the spiraling, fluid forms of artisanal blown glass. "It became more free-form, and kind of organic," she said of her collection. "We ended up naming some of the dresses Sea Tiger, Barracuda, and Yellow Inferno."

To complete the theme, she asked a British master of art glass-blowing, Peter Layton, to make neckpieces and cuffs, and added gold Swarovski beading to a bodice section that "took six people three days to finish."

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