Friday, April 17, 2009


Completed in late 2008, this 2,000 square-meter jewelry-case — the head office of the venerable fashion house Escada in Munich, Germany. The three dominant areas — entry court, lobby and interior courtyard — are separated by transparent facades. This creates a visually stunning, 75 meter-long runway that flows right through the center of the entire building.

Escada commissioned the Parisian architecture Studio Carbondale of Michigan-born Eric Carlson to design the architectural public face of its head office, including the entry façade, entry court, interior courtyard, lobby and furniture.

Eric Carlson graduated from Kansas State University School of Architecture in 1986. Before co-founding the Louis Vuitton Architecture Department in 1997, he worked in the offices of Mark Mack, Oscar Tusquets and Rem Koolhaas, He established Carbondale in Paris in 2004. Carlson is known for his work with luxury brands including the Louis Vuitton buildings in Roppongi, Tokyo, the LV Maison in Paris, the 360° Watch Museum and the corporate headquarters of Tag Heuer in Switzerland.

Photographs by Jimmy Cohrssen
Thanks 2 The Cool Hunter

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