Thursday, April 2, 2009

+...BriLLiAnT +OyO...+

ENVY bathtub was inspired with Japanese art of folding paper – origami.
Project can be divided into two elements: geometrical, trapezium shape bathtub and perforated frame. Simple and delicate bathtub shape stresses openwork frame, and makes its character sophisticated. Frame was inspired with origami finesse, and it is its linear translation. Variety of materials that can be used (wood, plastics, metal), what makes the project universal.

VANITY bathtub was inspired with rounded shapes, characteristic for baroque.
Project can be divided into two zones. The first one functions as single bathtub. Second one works as seat or footstool. Combination of these two elements is an original solution, giving comfort and offbeat effect at the same time.

These stunning bathtubs by +OYO, is a duet of young designers:
Olga Dabrowska and Adam Groch.
We have a common passion which connects us - design. Our common purpose is creation of beautiful product and ideas opened for general use. We would to make our projects beautiful, characterized with simplicity; surprising because of bold contrasts. What’s more - make art itself at the same time not giving up functionality, but first of all make people smile.

Image courtesy of +OYO

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