Friday, June 26, 2009

+...LaDdeRsTiLe HoUsE...+

Ladderstile House designed by London practice ThreefoldArchitects.
It's a large modern new build family home directly bordering Richmond Park and adjacent to the Ladderstile Gate. The land is the last remaining pocket of a once larger site associated with the original Ladderstile House, and retains an historic right to ‘ride out’ across the park holding a key to a private gate associated only with the house.

The ground floor volumes all have green roofs with hydroponic vertical gardens cladding the living room. The energy for the heating, and hot water, is provided by geothermal boreholes. Heat exchangers utilise the constant temperature from the ground to provide all the energy required.

Coupled with the high levels of insulation throughout the house this system has virtually no running cost dramatically reducing the carbon footprint and making this a truly sustainable house. The house owner/developer worked with H2design to develop the interior design, the detail of the timber front screen and the final pattern of perforations to the stainless steel shutters.

Photographs are by Nick Kane and Jon Holland.
Thanks 2 Dezeen

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