Friday, June 19, 2009

+...ChAPeL iN VaLLeAcERóN...+

Project title Chapel in Valleacerón
Location Almadén, Ciudad Real. Spain.
Construction starting date 2000
Construction finish date 2001
Client Particular
The Architect/ The studio S-M.A.O. Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office
Principal Architects Sol Madridejos & Juan Carlos Sancho
+ All drawings and images courtesy S-M.A.O. Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office
Photo by Hisao Suzuki

Chapel in Valleacerón, designed by Spain-based architect S-M.A.O. Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office, featuring the geometrical folds in relation to its surrounding and the spaces.

+ Project description below courtesy of S-M.A.O. Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office
The idea of situating and relating a series of objects in the landscape - Dwelling, Chapel, Hunting pavilion and Guard´s residence - gave the project a dual significance: in addition to the close relationship between landscape, objects and itinerary - between space and objects, each item had to provide a different response with different emphasis, from the most symbolic to the most silent or private. The unifying thread was to be the concept of the fold: the fold as a hidden generator of different spaces.

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