Friday, June 12, 2009

+...HoUsE iN KiTa KaMaKuRa...+

This is a plan located in Kita Kamakura, Japan designed
by Japanese architects Suppose Design Office, which consists of a steel frame constructed between two concrete shafts.create an appealing living space by building directly over that uneven land. From an architectural standpoint, with an upper and lower level, the influence of the footing and other aspects cause too many uncertainties in the support of the retaining wall.

In addition, the space between the two levels which is created by the shafts and the retaining wall can be used as a garden. Many kinds of natural spaces can be created, such as a Japanese Garden, Bath Terrace, or Green Garden. The concrete will create a quiet, enclosed space, while an open space is created by the steel framework.

Thanks 2 Dezeen

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