Monday, June 15, 2009

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Architects Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Partners in Charge Thiago Bernardes and Paulo Jacobsen
Interior Design Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture (Eza Viegas e Veridiana Ruzzante)
Lighting Design Iluz Studio de Iluminação
Landscape Gil Fialho Planejamento e Paisagismo Tropical
Project year 2005-2007
Photographs Leonardo Finotti

The implantation on the site of 580 sqm with the proposal of a construction that contains an extensive program. Therefore the distribution of the plant is in three levels with the floor that contains the service area embedded half level, the main floor (living room and two bedrooms) half above of the arrival level.

And the first floor one level and a half from the ground level zero. It was firmed as broken a house it has visually led, with structure in steel with slim pillars painted in white. Big panels painted of white that articulates in the form that if has the maximum opening of the vain ones. Minimum of pillars, transparency in the level of the living room. This concept made possible the integration of the external and the internal. The construction was implanted in two blocks having defined two empty areas. One in the front of the construction with the garden of entrance and parking of cars. And other, the main one, with a great private internal garden contained by the blocks of the construction.

Fluidity of the circulation of the people always through catwalks, with no limits, no walls. What it provides a playful environment where what always circulates sees indistinctly the other spaces. To always prolong ate the final specification is synthetic with practically three or four materials, more basically the use of marbles (room, kitchen and garden) and wood in the rooms. Central garden as axle of the house converge of all the spaces. Central garden also with magical element in accordance with the Japanese concept of engawa.

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