Tuesday, June 30, 2009

+...AnNiE KaMmEReR BuTRuS...+

Annie Kammerer Butrus is an artist who pursues work about our perception of the places we live. Her project involves documenting the changes in the landscape and the emotions evoked in response to that change. Mainly realized in painting, Kammerer Butrus's work has concentrated on the growth around the Birmingham-metro area where she resides.

About her work
"This work is a meditation on change in the contemporary Alabama landscape. In particular, I focus on the experience of farmers whose methods of farming and ways of inhabiting the land are in the process of disappearing. Shadow: Seasons is part of an ongoing painting project that documents agricultural landscape and encroaching development based on |interviews and oral stories that I have collected from Alabama farmers."

Image courtesy of Annie Kammerer Butrus

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