Tuesday, January 20, 2009

+...AnNaBeLLe VeRhOyE...+

Born in Germany (1973) and raised in France, Annabelle Jasmin Verhoye having finished her undergraduate design studies in Duesseldorf, Germany, in 1996, the choice between post graduate studies in London or New York fell on to the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in Manhattan. A city that inspired such eclectic projects as a book on "Manhattan Missing Cats" or "The Bagle Book". For the latter, Annabelle received a scholarship from the SVA in 2000 & 2001. Shortly before graduation, her first commission was an illustration in The New Yorker which followed an exhibition at the society of illustrators.

She creates her sophisticated, sensual and elegant "chine colle " illustrations. Chine colle is a style that uses delicate layers of delightful patterns, precious webs of Chinese & Japanese ricepapers that are amalgamated with a precise and sophisticated line drawing.

Annabelle Verhoye's people are absorbed in gestures intuited by languid pose. The artist aims to capture the idea of sensual delight through reduction and simplicity.

Her work has won numerous awards and has been included in exhibitions around the world, as, for example, those organized by Opera Gallery in New York, Hong Kong and Paris, the DAS Gallery in Sydney, The Tribeca Arts Club New York, The Society of Illustrators in New York and La Samaritaine in Paris, in addition to other venues.

Image courtesy of Annabelle Verhoye

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