Thursday, December 11, 2008


Starting at his earliest memories, Deseo, has always had a passion for art. Fascinated by being able to take a blank sheet of paper and having the freedom and being fully aware of the endless possibilities, has been a part of his life even before he could learn to write.

Twenty seven years later, the idea of taking that blank piece of paper and knowing that anything is possible, has made the work a collage of styles and influences that have inspired and helped shape the appearance of my work. Pin up, anime, graffiti, art novau, fashion, "low brow" art, and fine art are sources of his inspiration.

When you look through the work, keep the word diversity in mind. Because the more open your mind is, the more beauty you'll see, not only in this page but everywhere you go. It's what Deseo has and will continue to illustrate with the different and beautiful women that express ideas, events, or issues that fill his mind.

Image courtesy of Deseo

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