Friday, June 13, 2008

+...LuV iT...LuV iT...!!!...+

I Really like window seats, there is almost nothing better on a chilly day than to curl up with a
good book, and sit in the morning light. This is why in a lot of my Children's Rooms you will see
me putting these in. I think it's a great habit to get the kids in and its also a great tool to use to expand into a desk/bookcase/ storage unit without overwhelming the room.

A few tips:
Include storage under the seat, it will make it a bit higher to sit on than normal, bit its the
perfect spot for a blanket or two.

Be generous with the pillows, that will give you maximum flexibility. Also if possible go with
100% down pillows as they will be a lot softer and easier to mold to the shape you need.

Make sure you have good lighting. Remember you are in the corner of the room, a ceiling fixture in the middle of the ceiling, may not get you the light you need. I added downlights over the top of this one to give great task lighting.

Try to incorporate a small bookcase as part of the experience, it will be the ideal spot for those favorite books.

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