Friday, June 6, 2008

+...EcO ToTe BaG...+

Showpony just rocks for so many reasons-
#1- everything is handmade from start to finish-
hand sewn and finished with hand screen-printed designs or made with hand printed fabrics.
#2- everything is eco friendly, using organic, fair trade cotton- yes!
#3- they're based in Glasgow, Scotland and I love discovering and bringing attention to indie companies beyond these US borders and
#4- they're stuff is cute. I mean, really really cute. It's light-hearted and original and brings a smile to my face, and hopefully to yours too:

Just look at these wonderful tote bags, perfect for your grocery shopping needs, you can reduce and re-use and stay stylin' at the same time!
A must have for everyone these days.

thanks 2 Modish

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