Friday, June 13, 2008

+...LoVeLy DiNiNg ArEaS...+

There is something very special about the family meal. It's such a great opportunity to sit and discuss your day etc. So it's very important that you create a space that really encourages that, and I think that smaller spaces do that better than larger ones.
This is a room that I did that was directly off the Kitchen, and i think its a great example of how a space can really be stylish but work very practically as well.
Here are some tips:
Using a banquette gives you a lot of seating flexibility.
A large table no more than 60" across will allow lots of people, but still enable lots of conversation, from side to side.
Simple color scheme is good, since there will be a lot of visual chaos.
Good lighting is essentila, a blend of surface mounted fixtures and downlights is ideal.
This might be a good area for the Family notice board too.

Thanks 2 Mark Cutler Design

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