Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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The “Hummin’ in the Flowers” has the hummingbird suspended in a bluebell among a bed of other flowers, mostly hollyhocks, with a small butterfly perched on top of one of the hollyhocks.
by Patty Eckman

The “Hummin’ in the Bluebells II” piece is a favorite among collectors. It features a hummingbird taking nectar from a bluebell among detail of grass and other smaller flowers.

The “Hummin’ in the Roses” " piece features a hummingbird suspended in time taking a small unseen insect from among the petals of a rose in a rose garden.

“Egg Watcher” has a humming bird perched on it's nest standing guard over two small eggs. The nest is placed between a tree branch and a small limb with leaves. The piece is in a beautiful clear acrylic pedestal box with base.
by Patty Eckman

Image courtesy of Eckman Fine Art

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