Friday, July 4, 2008

+...PLaStiC PriNcEsS...+

Photograph by Heartwork

On the hands of the young designers's creativity, second-hand items could be conjured up to the unique gown.
That was seen in the "Art Of Recycling" competition, was held by Bunka school of fashion in the Taman Cafe, Surabaya Plaza Hotel.
Participants in the competition were 10 finalists who were chosen from several participants of the Fashion Competition Art of Recycling.
Although the base majority that they was used similar, that is the straw, the pocket of plastic, and the raffia rope, the appearance of this recycling gown was varied.
There was also the designer who chose to combine the red plastic bag, aluminum foil, as far as belacu cloth.
The first winner of this competition was Eveline Anggraini, indicated the work through the backless night gown,titled "Plastic Princess".

The pretty gown was made from seven trash plastic bag.
For underside of the gown used the plastic bag that was cut-piece alongside,then was glued with mica.
For the upper part of the gown used this plastic bag, that was beautified with two black ribbon that surround the waist and below the chest.The almamater of Petra Christian University majoring in Architecture also used  borci that was beautified the plastic bag in the neck part and a little accent in the waist part.The gown did not use zipper at all and inside out from this gown was 100% made from plastic bag.
The hat was made from black and orange straw, beautified with white wire.

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