Thursday, March 4, 2010

+...I ADoRe...+

Leifsdottir Spring Summer 2010 lookbook
Designed by Finland native Johanna Uurasjarvi.

"Meaning “daughter of Leif,” Leifsdottir illuminates the Scandinavian custom of inheriting your father’s name as your surname at birth. It is this sense of tradition and authenticity that is reflected in each and every Leifsdottir collection. In the words of Uurasjarvi, “No matter how modern our designs, they are always in some way a reflection of the past.”

Leifsdottir expresses its appreciation for the past by using antique-inspired buttons and trims, in addition to old-world tailoring techniques and fabrics. Juxtaposing this are artistic, modern twists like abstract photographic prints, unexpected color combinations, and uniquely draped silhouettes and proportions. This aesthetic tension results in timeless wardrobe keepsakes that appear to be made, rather than manufactured."

Image courtesy of Leifsdottir

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