Tuesday, January 26, 2010

+...HoTeL FoX...+

In Hotel Fox, Birgit Amadori is currently very interested in myths, legends, and mystical symbols and wanted to create magical rooms (in the traditional sense) full of life and a rich diversity:
“You are invited to spend a night at the King's Court. The King and Queen have gathered their magicians, jesters, fortune-tellers and other mystical courtiers to greet you. Blue represents the King's Court and is associated with trust, loyalty and honesty. Also it is the colour of the sky and the deep sea, which suggest infinite freedom.”

The German illustrator Birgit Amadori has developed a rich fairytale world all of her own. Her influences range from the 19th century Czech illustrator Alfons Mucha to Japanese mythology and history as well as the Manga style. Her images uniquely combine a western and far eastern visual language in colours, patterns, planes and spaces. She recently moved to Redondo Beach in California and her work is featured regularly in international design and beauty magazines.

Thanks 2 Hotel Fox

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