Thursday, October 29, 2009

+...ThE KiNg ReSiDeNcE...+

Project The King Residence
Location Santa Monica, California
Architect John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects
Contractor Anthony Bonomo
Floor Area 4,300 s.f. (includes 2-car garage)

The King Residence located in the Sunset Park section of Santa Monica, a neighborhood originally developed to house workers from the World War II era McDonnell Douglas Airplane Factory.

Situated on a gently sloping, wedge-shaped corner lot, the design rejects the standard public front yard/private backyard typology, opting instead for a structure whose living spaces and bedrooms open onto a relatively large exterior patio/garden/entryway that faces the public streets and surrounding houses. While this arrangement puts much of the family’s communal and individual life on display, this is a positive feature for the Kings. The children delight in calling to their friends on the street, especially from their bedrooms and the large open-air “living room,” all on the second floor, while Matt and Erin enjoy an overall heightened sense of neighborliness – friends and neighbors (and even strangers) drop in at all times. The house’s blurring of public/private boundaries (beyond the typical indoor/outdoor kind) reinforces the sense of community that they embrace and encourage.

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