Thursday, May 7, 2009

+...KaMeHa GRaNd BoNn HoTeL...+

The famous international designer, Marcel Wanders, was the creator of the interior of the hotel and successfully broke away from the classical hotel style to create his own masterpiece. “Typical business hotels are very serious and practical, usually very boring too” says the famous designer, whose work is currently on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and San Francisco. “Corporate and event hotels should be exciting, stimulating and inspiring; they should offer a high standard of living and a corresponding lifestyle. The Kameha Grand Bonn is a place full of surprises, of beauty and energy, a place that is sexy and cool.”

Marcel Wanders’ designs for the Kameha Grand Bonn are exceptional. In order to segment the large dimensions into smaller sections, without losing the overall airiness, highly individual solutions had to be found. The solution was to create small, intimate areas that can be removed at any time when the large space is required.

This was accomplished using light, flowing materials that come down from the ceiling creating private “meeting islands” that exist within the midst of the vibrant life of the hotel. Exaggerations were also used to play with dimensions. This can be seen in the large chandeliers, the big pool table for up to eleven people and some of the chairs; it adds a fun quality, a twinkle of the eye.

With its innovative geothermal concept, the Kameha Grand Bonn acts according to its ecological responsibility: for a hotel of these dimensions it is essential to develop an understanding of values and a sustainable handling of the earth’s resources. With the geothermal concept, the Kameha Grand Bonn is able to cater for 70 per cent of its heating and cooling needs. The geothermal power plant in the basement of the hotel and the energy storing water keep energy consumption low. CO2 emissions are reduced by roughly 400 tons. This way, guests can keep their cool during meetings and events, and stay warm when they go to bed, all with a clear conscience.

The massive 18-metre high glazed, multifunction event hall offers a capacity of 2500 people and an impressive location for special events presentations, conferences, fashions shows or concerts. It is the centrepiece of the spectacular architecture of the hotel. “With the building’s eaves tapering down to the Rhine bank and the large terraces, we have created an unmistakeably soft form for the building” says Karl-Heinz Schommer, the architect of the Kameha Grand Bonn. Out of the 254 rooms, 60 are suites. With an average size of 34 square metres and a height of 3.10 meters, the rooms are airy with enough space to let one’s thoughts wander freely.

Large windows open over the scenic landscape of the Rhine and the“Siebengebirge.” On the rooftop terrace the pool almost gives the impression that one can swim directly into the Rhine itself. The Spa and fitness centre have their own floor of 785 square metres and are available to satisfy all sporting needs. The floor is equipped with variously sized rooms, terraces, fitness machines, pilates and yoga room and three saunas, some of which have stunning views over the surrounding landscape.

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