Wednesday, May 6, 2009

+...DoMeSTiC ZiRkUs...+

Domestic Zirkus, a wonderful and intriguing “theatre of the absurd”,
created by brothers Tobias and Joseph Feltus, also known as FeltusFeltus.

FeltusFeltus were born in Washington DC in 1979 and 1982, and later moved to Assisi, Italy in 1987. They have collaborated in photography since 1997. Both artists graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art. In December of 2007 the brothers decided to expand FeltusFeltus by including Elizabeth Krause and Caroline Bliemel into the synergy.

"The work is a series of thought provoking photographic images that are strong and vibrant in pictorial composition. They explore the innermost personal side of an unsettling group of characters, born into the world of performance and forced into a niche of empty stereotype. These characters are inspired by the circus of the late 1800’s, driven by the fear of lost virility, the loneliness of childhood and the depression of a de-sanctified saint."

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